Odiehammer Rod Co. prides itself has being some of the best, yet most affordable bass fishing rods on the market.  With that being said, LIFE HAPPENS. Please read through the following warranty information so that we can make sure you’re taken care of and back on the water as soon as possible.



Odiehammer Rod Co warrants to the original purchaser that our rods are free from defects in workmanship for the life of our rods and from the date of purchase. 

Odiehammer Rod Co is not responsible for normal wear and tear, nor failures caused by accidents, abuse, alteration, modification, misuse, or improper care. 

Odiehammer Rod Co reserves the right to determine the validity of a warranty claim, including whether a claim resulted from a workmanship defect or from circumstances not covered by this warranty. 

Examples of misuse that will void your warranty include, but are not limited to high-sticking or boat flipping a fish, improperly retrieving snagged lures, hook-setting underwater structure such as boat docks, cables, logs and rocks, and placing your hand above a rod’s reel seat when fighting a fish.

Finally, Odiehammer Rod Co won’t leave you in the dark if an accident befalls your fishing rod either.  Just keep reading below, follow the instructions, and we’ll get you back on the water.



Under the terms of Odiehammer Rod Co’s peace of mind, limited lifetime warranty program all fishing rods manufactured by Odiehammer Rod Co will be eligible for replacement or repair should a breakage occur as result of a manufacturing defect.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Contact Odiehammer Rod Co at Clinton@Odiehammerrodco.com to initiate a warranty claim.
  2. Please provide the details of the problem as specifically as possible, along with the purchase date, and your proof of purchase.  Photos are appreciated.
  3. Ship the broken rod back to Odiehammer Rod Co
  4. Or, you may also request a shipping label from Odiehammer Rod Co and we will arrange for pickup.  You will be responsible for packaging the rod and will be billed $20 by Odiehammer Rod Co. Odiehammer Rod Co reserves the right to charge a return shipping fee to provide you with your replacement rod.  The return shipping fee will be $20 or less.
  5. Odiehammer Rod Co reserves the right to determine whether repair or replacement is needed, and to determine if additional fees will be required to make any repairs or replacements.



Stuff happens, we understand that, and we don’t want to keep you from fishing.  If an accident occurs with your Odiehammer Rod Co that’s not covered by our Peace of Mind Lifetime Warranty Program we will let you, the original purchaser, replace your rod, for one-time only, at a price of:

The Dream Series: $65
The Perceptions: $65
The Full Send Series: $100

To get you back on the water faster, please be straight with us–Did you step on your rod?  Break it in car door?  Snap it trying to get a lure free?  No problem!  Let us know, send us the old rod back, and we’ll send you an invoice for a brand-new replacement.   Once you take care of that, your new rod will be on its way.  We will charge you for the shipping cost to send you a replacement rod.


Please contact us Clinton@Odiehammerrodco.com to fulfill No-Hassle Accident Program and receive shipping instructions!

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